segunda-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2015

Baterista dos X Japan fala sobre The Rev

Yoshiki, baterista dos X Japan, deu uma entrevista ao MusicRadar onde fez uma lista dos seus 10 bateristas favoritos.
Um dos citados foi o Jimmy Sullivan.
Eis o que ele disse:

8. The Rev, Avenged Sevenfold
He was a really good drummer. I never met him, but I have a few albums.
O site continua e diz:
Just as Avenged Sevenfold have evolved over the years from their early days as a metalcore band, through to playing groove metal and then embracing hard rock, X Japan’s sound continues to develop from their start as a thrash metal band through to their stadium filling rock anthems.

March 2016 will see the release of the band’s first album of new studio material in twenty years. “X Japan is always evolving,” says Yoshiki about the as yet untitled album. “Of course we’re going to be playing our really fast songs in the live show which means we don’t have to keep creating the same song again and again and again.

"There are not that many fast songs but there are still a few complicated songs as well. One song, if that song makes it to the album because we’re still recording, is about ten minutes long. But on this one we really care about the quality of the songs more than technique.”

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